Email Subscriber Lists – How to Build the Best

Email Subscriber Lists – How to Build the Best

Email subscriber lists are becoming very important in the growing digital age. Unlike direct mail, email lists are constantly changing – thanks to that pesky (but necessary) “unsubscribe” button.

In fact, according to a recent article by Neil Berman from Target Marketing, “email lists decrease at a rate of at least 22.5 percent annually.”

So how do you keep your audience engaged so you don’t lose subscribers?

Berman suggests five ways to build a quality email list:

  1. Explain the value of signing up
    A clear call to action (CTA) – what does the donor/supporter/activist get for giving you their email address?
  2. Make signing up easy
    Test different sign up CTAs across your website – give people multiple opportunities to sign up. Light boxes are also another effective way to get sign ups.
  3. Publish compelling conten
    Provide material to attract subscribers on social media and your website. Specialized material or creating teasers of the material can rope people in and make them want more.
  4. Forward thinking
    Create content with forwarding or sharing in mind. Is this information something you would want to share with your friends or colleagues?
  5.  Get creative
    Try from many different angles to gain and retain email addresses. Testing and keeping detailed results is key.