Helping nonprofits prosper in today’s marketplace.


Integrated Direct Marketing is a full-service fundraising, marketing, & communications agency dedicated to helping nonprofits prosper and grow in today’s challenging marketplace.

Let our experienced team help you successfully recruit new supporters while strengthening bonds with existing donors and activists.

Integrated Direct Marketing (IDM) was founded to support charities, progressive advocacy organizations, and campaigns because we believe human rights, social and economic justice, reproductive freedom, access to food and clean water, strong environmental protections, affordable health care for all, quality education and public accountability are the foundations of a peaceful and prosperous world. We seek to use our talents as fundraisers, communications experts, and grassroots organizers as our contribution to the furtherance of these goals.

As part of our commitment to creating a better today and a brighter tomorrow, every IDM client team is headed by a Principal who serves as the lead strategist and fundraiser. This grants clients unparalleled access to the most senior members of the IDM team—those with the ability to make decisions, address concerns, and authorize additional resources when needed.

IDM’s Blueprint for Fundraising Success in Today’s Challenging Marketplace.

  • Strategic Analysis and Customized Marketing
  • Results Driven Creative
  • Multi-Channel Implementation
  • Fundraising Program Growth

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