A Good Welcome Series:

A Good Welcome Series:

Key to retention and lifetime value.

You have a new donor who has just donated, and the last thing you should do is not communicate with them.

New donors expect a welcome letter after joining your organization. They want information from you and an acknowledgement that they matter to you. It’s also a chance to listen to your donors. By creating a welcome series, it can increase retention along with the donor’s lifetime value.

A welcome series is a sequence of packages that are sent to the donors shortly after they have given you a donation. A welcome series should make a good first impression and demonstrate that you value their decision to donate to you.

The initial package should be an acknowledgement, thanking them for the recent donation and for making a difference by choosing to donate to your organization.

The next package can focus on deepening your engagement. For instance, it can include a survey or petition, or you may want to share ways to connect with your organization or how to follow it on social media. This mailing should be sent one week after the first package.

The final piece can be a conversion package that requests new support from the donor. This ask may be for an upgrade, an attempt to get a second gift, or to become a monthly giver. This mailing should be sent one week after the second package.

The purpose of the welcome series is to enhance the donor’s understanding of your organization, enhance their engagement, and take them from a one-time donor to a multi-gift-donor.

Always remember to review your package results every few months to ensure they’re still working as you may want to consider ways to make them better.