Track This…

Whether it’s through Google Analytics or another platform, there is a wealth of information that you can be tracking from your website. Not everyone is left-brained and loves numbers. There are a lot of tools (and experts) out there who can assist you in setting up your metrics.

According to 5 Fundraising Metrics Worth Monitoring in Google Analytics on Network for Good, here are five things you should be tracking from your website:

  1. Landing pages leading to the most donations
  2. Traffic sources leading to the most donations
  3. Average value of a donor from each traffic source
  4. Referrals leading to the most donations
  5. Popular pages prior to visiting your donation page

Why are these things important? By tracking the five things above, it will help focus on the effectiveness of your online fundraising efforts—how much your organization is profiting from online giving.

These metrics may not be the magic combination that gives you the answers you want, but they are a start. You just have to ask yourself what questions you need answered by the data and go from there.