Think of it as Pintrest for Email

Google has done it again.  The company has again been at the forefront when it comes to online marketing.  This time, they are changing the look of emails.  No longer will you have to test, retest and retest again subject lines for online marketing emails.  Why?  Because now you can use a photo.

Gmail’s testing a new Grid view under your promotions tab changes your view from the boring old subject-driven list to a photo-driven one.  Being a visual person, this new change made me giddy.

This is an opt-in trial at the moment, but I have a feeling it will catch on quickly.

The new grid view will make the creation focus more image heavy – which image is going to get your email opened. And also, may change the creation of emails designed for mobile views first, since so many of us are now emailing on the go.

If you want to see and example, you can get more information on the email marketing blog from dotMailer.