Ten Tips to Increase Web Traffic and Donations

Ever wonder what makes someone stay on your website and make a purchase or donation? I did, and decided to do a little research. I came across a very interesting article on CNN which gives 10 tips on to profit from the traffic on your site.

The tips are for retail sites, but you many also apply to fundraising …

  1. Use “my” instead of “your” – gives the person a sense of ownership
  2. Emphasize free services
  3. Respect your customers privacy – when they give you information, use it only for your purposes, don’t sell their information or spam them
  4. Use active phrases like “Get Instant Information” on buttons instead of just “Submit”
  5. Orange is the new black… or rather it boosts sales – use it to attract people to buy
  6. Rule of thumb for homepages: pictures and videos on the left; action items on the right
  7. Make it personal – call out “new” information, or highlight a staff members favorite item
  8. Design + Copy = Consistent
  9. Videos, when necessary, should be under 90 seconds long
  10. Keep testing – practice makes perfect!

Check out the story on CNN Orange Buttons Boost Online Sales