Like Me!


This month’s Fundraising Fundamentals podcast from the Chronicle of Philanthropy centers around some tips for increasing followers on Facebook.

John Haydon and Michael Dougherty discussed the following tips:

  • Do you often think that you will eventually run out of topics to post about?  UtilizeFacebook Insights to run metrics on your top 10 posts.  Then repost a top 10 list of popular posts.
  • Use Facebook Insights to monitor when the most popular times your site is viewed and post content around those times.
  • Supplement social media with email. Put a Facebook link to your page in any emails you send, asking the recipient to ‘Like’ your page.
  • Use sites and apps like ActionSprout, WOOBOX and ShortStack to engage people by asking them to make pledge or donation.  This is a great way to acquire new email addresses!
  • Increase engagement by using photos (photos generally outperform videos).
  • For people who make comments or who share your post, take time to recognize their action – this will often lead to an increase in their overall engagement.

And it never hurts to just ask – Like me!