Kick-start Your 2011 Fundraising

Convio recently released 10 simple steps to kick-start your fundraising program in 2011.  Chances are you have already incorporated many of these strategies into your marketing plan, but the report has a lot of good tips, making it a worthwhile read for anyone looking to sustain the momentum of year-end giving.

  1. Capture Email Addresses For Your Offline Donors
  2. Use A Multi-Channel Approach (If You Aren’t Already)
  3. Get To Know Your Supporters Better
  4. Segment Your Welcome Messages
  5. Be Transparent With Your Communications
  6. Promote A Sustainer Or Pledge Giving Program
  7. Optimize Your Homepage
  8. Create Targeted Website Content
  9. Make Your Email Newsletter More Engaging
  10. Tap Into The Power Of Viral Marketing

Source: Use Your Year-End Momentum: Kick-Start 2011 Fundraising

Visit Convio’s site for a free download of the report.