Donors Continue to Feel the Economic Pinch

A slew of end-of-year donor surveys and studies confirmed what those of us in the trenches already knew—2010 was a tough year for fundraising as the economy forced donors to scale back their giving.

A new study from Vision Critical finds that trend is likely to continue in 2011…

The plurality of survey respondents say they will be able to give about the same (40%) [in 2011] as they did in 2010. While one fifth (21%) say they will be able to give more in the coming year, 15% say they will give less, and yet another fifth of respondents (21%) say they will not be able to give at all in 2011.

When asked what might encourage them to give more in 2011, 56% of respondents said a better personal financial position.

With competition for donors’ attention and dollars greater than ever, organizations need to focus on making their story relevant and compelling to donors, adjusting investments in donor retention and acquisition to ensure long-term financial health, and demonstrating that every gift—large or small—makes a difference.