Track This…

Top 5 metrics to track for improved online giving.

Tell Your Board to Hit the Road (Literally!)

Today’s Chronicle offers some expert advice on how to get your board more involved … take them to see your organization’s work. The article was penned by Carol Wiseman, who used her own board travel experiences to boil down the best reasons to get your board to hit the road: “Board bonding:  When you meet […]

Direct Mail Dominates Online Giving

For the large direct marketing organizations participating in the online benchmarking groups, the majority of gifts are still received through direct mail.

Now There Is a Unique Teaser

I am always on the lookout for a good teaser and, I must say, this is a new one for me.  Our graphic designer, Ruthanne, wants to know how something is “free” if it is “pre-paid.”  She has a good point.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Premium

Tchotchkes.  Junk.  Trinkets.  Gewgaws.  I used to think premiums were a cheap way to acquire and retain donors.  I was convinced that the types of donors who responded to premiums would have a low life-time-value and force us to keep upping the ante with nicer premiums until we priced ourselves out of the market. Boy […]