Apple Users Are the Most Generous Online Donors

A new study by Razoo found that online donors using an iPad or Mac are more generous than their Blackberry and PC counterparts.

iPad (and iOS) Users Are the Most Generous Donors

Apple’s iOS device users are far more generous than Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile device users. Average donation value by mobile device:

  • iPad $168.67
  • iPhone $102.80
  • Android $91.42
  • Blackberry $24
  • Windows $18.75

Mac Users Are More Generous than PC Users

The average donation from Mac users was 7.2% more than Windows users. People using Safari (Apple’s browser) were also the most generous by a significant margin. Average donation by browser:

  • Safari $134.77
  • Internet Explorer $122.11
  • Chrome $113.00
  • Firefox $111.34

Check out Razoo to see the full study and their helpful info graphic. Thanks to Kimberly Seville for the tip.