8 Great Reasons to Invest in Your Online Program

According to Blackbaud’s recently released 2010 Online Giving Report, 7.6% of all fundraising came from online sources last year.

After a decade and half of investment in online assets, 7.6% may seem like a paltry payout compared to the cost of developing and maintaining an online presence, so why should nonprofits continue to invest in digital marketing ?

Consider the numbers …

  1. 77% of  Americans use the internet.1
  2. 92% of internet users ages 50-64 and 89% of those 65+ send or read email, with more than half of each group doing so daily.4
  3. 76% of internet users ages 50-64 get news online, with 42% doing so on a daily basis.. 62% of  users age 65+ look for news online, with 34% doing so on a daily basis.2
  4. 47% of internet users ages 50-64, and 26% of those 65+, use social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.4
  5. Among adults who have taken an action as a result of following a cause via a social media channel, 31% have made a donation to the organization.3
  6. 37% of donors who give online say that when they receive a direct mail appeal from a  charity they use the charity’s website to give their donation.2
  7. 50% of generation X/Y donors say they give online in response to a direct mail appeal, 26% of boomers respond to direct mail via the web.2
  8. More than twice as many online donors say they were prompted to give an online gift in response to a direct mail appeal compared to when they received an e-appeal.2

The days of single channel constituents are over. Donors look for, and expect, a cohesive message across all channels. With 77% of Americans on the internet, organizations cannot thrive in today’s competitive marketplace without an integrated marketing strategy.

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